University of Chicago Pro-Life Association


How many members does the U of C Pro-life association have?

We are a relatively new organization, reformed in 2001 after a break from previous incarnations, and are starting small. Right now, we have about twenty “core” members and about 150 people on our mailing list.

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Is abortion your only focus?

No. We seek to promote a comprehensive vision of the “Culture of Life,” which encompasses a range of bioethical issues, from abortion, cloning, and stem cell research, to euthanasia.

Is the Pro-Life Association politically involved?

The activities of the Association itself are limited to non-partisan advocacy of the pro-life cause. Some of our members are politically involved in other ways.

What kinds of activities do you engage in?

During the past year, we have invited speakers to come, put up posters, advocated for information about abortion alternatives to be place in the Student Care Center, been present at student information fairs, set up a table in the Reynolds Club in order to survey students and promote critical thinking on abortion and related issues. We also have a small lending library that covers topics such as pro-life activism, apologetics, and post-abortion healing.

Other activities include volunteering at Crisis Pregnancy Centers, maintaining contacts with local and national pro-life organizations, especially the Hyde Park Pro-Life Association, and organizing an annual trip to the March For Life in Washington, D.C.

What kind of role do you wish to play within the University community?

As members of the academic community at the University of Chicago, we value open and respectful debate and would like to show the world that one does not have to be pro-choice in order to be an intellectual snob.

Does your organization take a stand on the death penalty?

No. Our members have different opinions about this issue.

Does your organization take a stand on contraception?

While we oppose contraceptives that function as abortifacients, we take no stance on contraception itself. Our members have different opinions about this issue.

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