Welcome to the Pro-Life Association at
The University of Chicago

Unfortunately the pro-life association has grown defunct. If there is interest in restating it you may contact the last president for help:

Founded in 2001, the U of C Pro-Life Association strives to be a diverse and broad-based organization made up of students with many different religious, political, and philosophical perspectives. We are united in the conviction that a pro-life stance is the healthiest, sanest, and most scientifically responsible approach to the pressing moral and social issues of our day.
We believe in a coalition approach to building a culture of life in this country and throughout the world. We reject utilitarian and reductionist ideologies which make living human beings into commodities created and destroyed for the supposed benefit or convenience of others. As the quote on this page illustrates, our pro-life activites arise out of a sense of wonder and awe at the dignity and mystery of human life.

“No civilization can survive if it treats human life as a merely instrumental good and the deaths of innocents as a legitimate objective. Yet, America is dangerously close to forgetting that human life — all human life — is a gift to be treasured. The life of a human being is an intrinsic good, not something whose value is conditional upon its usefulness to others or to the state. The life of every human being is worthy — equally worthy — of care and respect. Human beings need not prove their moral worth by demonstrating sentience, or self-awareness, or a certain level of cognitive ability.”
                                           — From Building A Culture of Life